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All Programs Taught by Our Proffesions in the Specified Area, and You Don't Have Pick Only One


Jiujitsu – Jiujitsu is an art of joint and body manipulation that uses locks, chokes, and throws for self-defense. Jiujitsu is used to subdue violent acts and can incapacitate an armed or unarmed attacker. What is unique about this art is that it uses the attacker’s force against them. Jiujitsu is known as “the gentle art” because effective use of the techniques, once trained, takes little to no force necessary in defending one’s self. Much of the applications of karate jutsu use jiujitsu techniques.  Sensei Justin Butler is an expert and oversees this program at the Shotokan Karate Dojo.

Fitness Karate – Training in karate takes on numerous elements that improve mental and physical health, however much is to be learned along with physical activity. Our Fitness Karate class bypasses much the cultural aspects and the long journey that requires cerebral dedication to aspects such as ritual, language, and philosophy. This class goes directly and quickly into the physical training required for athletes that combines muscle conditioning, aerobic and anaerobic activity, while 100% active learning to lose fat, tone muscles, strengthen core, and become an athletic symbol by looking good and feeling great. Class includes striking bags, full speed movement, jumps, throws, all within the sphere of karate. The class will complement any sport and is for all ages. 

Security Training – The Shotokan Karate Dojo’s specialized training in various specified classes match closely with jobs such as security guards, personal safety agents, court process servers, bodyguarding, police, military, safety provider, home and business security, inspection safety, geographical travel security, and urban understanding of safety and security.

These programs come in different lengths and certification levels. Some are completely hands on, dealing with disarmament and subduing attackers while some courses require academic time and outside expert eduction paired with relative cultural understanding and combat tactics. Completion of the programs come with authorized certificates and are backed by appropriated organizations and individuals. 

Ask us about availability and other information pertinent to the course.

Specified Self-defense – Self-defense is always part of learning all of our combative arts taught at the Shotokan Karate Dojo. However, we often offer concise classes on effective self-defense for different levels, professions, demographics, and for different purposes. We offer courses specified such as in women’s’ self-defense and the Bully Proofing for Young People Project. Our upcoming classes can be enquired about and will often be listed in our “upcoming events and information” section from our home page.

Cultural Learning of Asian Warrior Culture and History of Asian Combat- We offer professional level classes in various arts that a university “classroom like” rather than physical classes. Along with our physical activities some our instructors retain cultural and historical credentials.

Notably, our chief instructor, Sensei Gould has university BS degrees in Modern European Intellectual History, human/cultural geography, and Geographical Information Science/Systems (GIS) specializing also in Modern and Ancient Asian combative philosophy and European and Asian revolutionary thought. He has studied in areas such as conflict theory, the psychology and sociology of large marshal and personal aggression, and specific areas such as the geography of terrorism, conflicting governments, and the history and evolution the modern state. He also, researches and writes of the history of modern karate, much of it coming directly from primary sources.

Other instructors include historical combat reenactment, and in-depth instruction skills into the not-often- known world of both marshal and combative arts.

Ask out course availability for children, youth, and adult and advanced level courses.

Private Classes – If you feel you would like an individual, one-on-one, teaching of any of our fighting arts spaces are available at certain rates. At any time, if students in regular classes feel they need a “boost” in training,  private class can be requested. Certain specials include private classes when desired during membership.

If you desire private lessons for a group (family, friends, company, etc.), private groups lessons are also available.