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Summer Children, Youth, Adult, and Advanced Classes


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Grand Opening and Open House


Saturday, July 20 - 11:00pm - 4:00pm

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New Class Starting for Children (4-6), Youth (7-12), Teen (13-16), Adult (14, up, & Advanced  

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Classes for all ages

Starting in July: Saturday Night Kumite Class. Open to All Karateka


Open kumite class available to any karate participants from any traditional karate dojos.  One hour of free sparing and kumite concepts.  For learning, fun, and cardio exercise.  No cost.

open enrolment and Free Days in January

Give it a Shot for Free

Now available: Children's'/Youth Beginners Shotokan Karate Class.

Forming: Adult and Advanced Shotokan Karate Classes.

Availability: Jiujitsu Classes   

Appoints Are Available on Request

Topics and Questions: Introduction – Shotokan Karate, Karate (Olympic WKF/USA-NKF style) and traditional (JKA/ASKF style) Competition – Self-Defense, Hokkryu Jiujitsu, Specialized Training.

Special Offer, during the month of February – Free Karate Uniform with specials.  Classes will fill up, join today !