Entering American Shotokan Karate Federation when Examining for New Rank


To obtain a true karate rank it must have a real and clear lineage back to karate’s origins. The American Shotokan Karate Federation (ASKF) is part of a true linage and with achievement of rank, through the organization, one becomes part of authentic linage that can be traced back to karate’s origins.

Official entry into the (ASKF) as full members and all training and association sanctioned under the ASKF, international recognition requires official membership.

Upon successful rank examination by the Shotokan Karate Dojo, you will be ASKF certified and part of the ASKF linage. Examination, world recognized rank, and informational instruction to all requests for proper rank can be provided by an ASKF instructor, but is only required for specialized organizational courses or examination of rank. Classes at the Shotokan Karate Dojo alone will not require ASKF membership.

Entry into the ASKF for associations, karate trainings, Gassukus, and gatherings for gaining knowledge and ability under numerous events are not based solely on ASKF membership. Membership into the organization guarantees all ASKF events and teachings sanctioned by and/or provided by any instructors are backed by the entire organization and its members. This includes access to local, national, and international activities with many karate events and with fellow students of the art of various styles of karate-do.

Training for adults and advanced karate-do members remain at the highest level of competition, self-defense, security, and the advancement of Shotokan Karate-do sanctioned under the ASKF. 

The ASKF and the Shotokan Karate Dojo provide the full experience and authentic knowledge and ability directly from the true source of karate-do with full documentation of true linage back to the origins of karate-do.

In the ASKF what is profoundly expressed is that the karate we do and teach was handed to us in its true form. With modern karate manifesting within Japan’s culture, came the adoption of concepts such a budo (the art of killing) and the philosophy of bushido (the way of the warrior). Further, adapting to Japan’s militant character of the time, karate-do began falling into the category of “martial art” in a common lexicon event though, technically its purpose is for self-defense, not the battlefield, making it combative or fighting rather than “martial.” 

With this comes, and continues, everything that includes world connections to the greater karate-do world and affiliations base in the Shotokan yudansha and tradition karate international organizations, students, senseis, and all dedicated to the true and authentic karate-do way of life.